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Stage 1: Nutrition advisor: fees & information

How to apply for this qualification from the Natural Healthcare College


Entry requirements

No previous complementary therapy skills are required

The aim of the Stage 1 Nutrition Advisor course is to achieve optimal health through diet and lifestyle. It may suit:

  • People wanting to embark on a career in complementary and alternative medicine.
  • Existing practitioners e.g. herbalists, homeopaths, aromatherapists, reflexologists who wish to offer effective and safe nutritional/dietary/lifestyle advice to their clients.

People who would like to improve their own health, or that or their family- we have just launched a new short course: Nutrition for You. Please see Short Course page.

I cannot tell you how much I have learnt in this course! The information and misinformation out there on the internet and is so overwhelming and this is why I needed to find a course which could give me a foundation on which to build my knowledge to help myself, family and friends. Even from the first module I learnt techniques which have help me and my family enormously. It can be a bit lonely at times studying on your own but I loved attending the tutorial meeting likeminded people and also the regular skype calls with my tutor really helped too.  It was a proud moment when I got my Diploma – hard work but so worth it.

Annabel (Milton Keynes)

As this course is set at a standard equivalent to Level 4 of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) (next stage after UK A levels), a good knowledge of English language and comprehension is expected and required. If English isn’t your first language, please be aware that the standard of written English required for successful completion of the course is very high. As the course progresses, students are asked to produce comprehensive case reports where they are expected to interpret technical information relevant to the case, and then produce a professional-looking document where the technical information has been explained in terms that a member of the public could be expected to understand. This is an area where many students who don’t have English as their first language have found the course quite difficult, and it has influenced their ability to successfully complete the course.


Upon successful completion (passes to all six modules) graduates will be awarded a Nutrition Advisor Diploma, enabling them to register with the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA).

Study time

The overall course represents in the region of 400 hours of study time, including additional research that is encouraged over and above the extensive coursework notes. Each homework assignment is expected to take around 3-5 hours to complete.

Attendance requirements

You will need to attend a minimum of 1 x two-day (10 hours) tutorial during the course. These are held Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday and are expected to be held in London and Milton Keynes.


Once you have completed all 6 modules successfully including a volunteer case study you will be awarded your Diploma. If you are looking to move to stage 2 You may be required to sit a 1 hour open book exam.

How long will it take to complete the course?

The answer to that is very much dependent upon the time you have available for study. The course provides the flexibility to study to some degree at your own pace but it is intended for students who are committed to submitting a coursework assignment every 6-8 weeks .i.e. students have 12 months from enrolment in which to complete the course.

Course Fees

The fee of £945 (instalment option is available) includes fully referenced coursework modules and detailed assessment of written homework assignments. Included in the price are 4 x  1-1 skype/telephone calls and also group skype calls which are held on different topics throughout the year.

Coursework modules are sent to students via email and written homework assignments are also sent for marking and returned to students by email.  In addition is a recommended reading list which we try to keep as short as possible but does require some additional investment.

The course fees do not include tutorial fees, currently  £195 per two-day (10 hours) tutorial outside London and £235 for London (Currently help at Birkbeck College). Attendance at one tutorial is required before completion of the course.

Application form

We are currently taking applications for our next enrolment which is January 2019. Please download our application form here and If you have any further questions please call 07904 263480.

Methods of payment:

  1. The fee is £955 payable on enrolment. This can be paid in instalments with a deposit of £250 initially followed by 3 monthly payments of £250.
  2. Payments by BACS transfer.
  3. Full payment for each tutorial is due 4 weeks before the tutorial begins with a non-refundable deposit of £50 (£75 for London) being payable on booking a place.
  4. If you would like to do the course but require further flexibility with payments terms please contact us.

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