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Practical skills

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Developing your practical skills

To gain your Nutritional Advisor Diploma you’ll attend a two-day tutorial (10 hours). This is to help you to understand and implement the technical information from your modules.

Students are encouraged to develop their own individual styles and our practical training encourages students to use simple approaches when making therapeutic recommendations. After all, the easier we can make things for our clients, the greater their potential for recovery.

Tutorials cover case-taking “detective” skills, how to assess your client from this information and how to make practical safe recommendations that your client is likely to follow and benefit from.

In addition to the compulsory two-day Practical Skills tutorial we also offer various one-day tutorials. These cover various topics such as Naturopathic Gastroenterology (which includes a Food Sensitivity test) and Stress and Psychosocial skills.

In Stage 2 we hold Clinical Practice tutorials in small groups where you will see volunteer clients and cover a wide variety of complex case scenarios.

We are also looking to introduce new courses and tutorials. Watch this space for Iridology, Hair Mineral testing and Emotional Freedom Technique courses coming soon!

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