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Stage 2: Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist (including clinical practice)

About this qualification from the Natural Healthcare College


Becoming a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

Accredited in the UK by the Naturopathic Nutrition Association, our Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist diploma course has the right mix of self study together with supported learning via tutor feedback, Skype calls and the tutorials. Our tutors are knowledgeable and offer tremendous help and support.

The course provides a practical toolkit, helping you to operate effectively as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. With health and nutrition being a major public concern, the qualification will enable you to provide effective and safe advice to discerning health-conscious members of the public.

Do you want to acquire and develop the skills you need to be a top Nutritional Therapist? If so, read on.

What does the course involve?

Our Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy course provides a challenging, exciting and rewarding learning experience. It comprises two stages, the first being our Nutrition Advisor course. The second stage consists of coursework modules (fully referenced), providing you with research data on a wealth of topics.

You can start the course at various times throughout the year (subject to current student numbers) and the majority of the study can take place in the comfort of your own home. Upon completion of each module you will submit a written assignment, and receive feedback. You will have the opportunity to arrange some Skype (or telephone) calls with your tutor to support your learning.


Our accreditation by the Naturopathic Nutrition Association requires students to attend ‘face-to-face’ tutorials/workshops with our tutors. Major UK companies who offer professional insurance to practitioners specify that courses cannot be completed only by distance learning or webinars etc, and there must be an appropriate element of attendance direct with tutors.

Our tutorials take place over a weekend, each tutorial accounting for 10 hours of training. Students must attend a minimum of one (two day) tutorial during Stage One (Nutrition Advisor), a further three (three day) tutorials during Stage Two (Clinical Practice) level of the course. Tutorials for Stage One currently take place in London and Milton Keynes . Tutorials for Stage Two with Clinical Practice currently take place in Swindon, Sevenoaks, Exeter and Chatham. Locations cannot be guaranteed.

Clinical Practice groups

Stage 2 Clinical Practice groups are small (maximum 6 per tutor often less) which ensures each student receives a lot of individual attention and very focused feedback. All Clinical Practice tutors are practising Naturopathic Nutritional therapists and have many years’ experience in the field.

The course integrates ancient wisdoms with modern evidence-based nutritional therapeutic approaches, delivering a truly 21st century learning experience. While the therapeutic approach may be based on nutrition, the skill of the Nutritional Therapist is to determine the appropriate nutrition for individual clients.

The naturopathic influence of this course incorporates skills such as basic Iridology, Ayurveda and other assessment techniques to help you quickly assess constitutional factors and predispositions that could be the causes of disease, and to support the healing power of nature within us all – addressing the cause of disease is infinitely better than merely treating its symptoms.

We teach an holistic approach to healing that treats everyone as an individual rather than the conventional approach of treating the disease or its symptoms. Metabolically we are all different and this explains why a diet that works well for one person may be inappropriate for another. The ‘one-size fits all’ supposedly healthy diet simply cannot work for everyone. The understanding that we are all unique enables our graduates to address not only specific health concerns but also to offer explanations as to why one person responds differently to another.

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