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Stage 1: Nutrition advisor

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Becoming a Nutrition Advisor

The prime role of a Nutrition Advisor is to educate individuals/consumers about dietary advice to help them achieve optimal health. From the very first module you’ll know how to help people overcome a number of today’s commonly encountered health problems through dietary and lifestyle adjustments. The course provides graduates with the skills and knowledge to offer safe and effective advice. From very early on students will know how to resolve a number of common health problems, starting with the digestive system.  Subsequent modules provide the building blocks to progressively increase your healing skills.

This online/distance learning Nutrition Advisor diploma course consists of 6 coursework modules, each having an assignment for submission. Each module submission will receive extensive feedback, supported by 1-1 calls with your allocated tutor.

Although most of the learning is via self-study, students will need to complete a minimum of 10 hours tutorial/workshop attendance. These tutorials are held over two days most at weekends, with planned venues for 2019 in London and Milton Keynes (although locations cannot be guaranteed).

Upon successful completion you will receive a Nutrition Advisor diploma. This entitles you to apply for registration in the UK with the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA) and set up in practice as a Nutritional Advisor.

For those students wishing to move onto stage 2 Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist there is also a 1-hour test after module 6 which is conducted by email and covers the key learning points.

Find out about course fees for the Nutrition Advisor diploma or browse our FAQs for further course information.

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